luni, 26 noiembrie 2012

Hello ,my name is Moise Florentina ,but my friends call me Flory . I 'm from Romania Dracula's country ,I live into a small city named Buzau .I have 20 years ,many people said that I don't  look at my age ,but I don't give a fuck about what they said . I'm Christian this is my religion i can not change it but i don't want it ,I love God ,He helped me a lot in my life. I like to make many friends I like to give respect ,I don't like to hurt people ,even  if sometimes this thing is imposible .I will  never give up ,I'm brave enough ,I've been through a lot in my life , for my the pain is a pleasure ,anyway life gave it to me many lesson ,but i always fight ,even if sometimes I felt that I'm going down ..someone or something told me to stay up and never look back .Life is hard enough ,I should make her easy ,but sometimes i feel like I have no reason to be in this world ,I have many questions and just few answers .The most important things for me are my family and my little 3 dogs they are a part of my soul  .That's all about me if i will have time I will write soon ....  


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